Hub Validation Tool

Fully Integrated Prescriber Validation Tool

Compliance guidelines dictate that prescribers in your call file should be validated once a year. With the Hub, no longer do you have to pay a separate vendor over and above the cost of your SFA to maintain compliance. Prescriber state license validation is fully integrated in the Hub. Our prescriber web validate tool will keep you in compliance automatically. No more cut and paste from applications like Medpro. The Hub has it built right in.

Validation can be performed optionally on demand for any provider in the system. In addition, the Hub uses an internal validation date as a trigger to place all prescribers up for validation or revalidation into a queue. New prescribers as well as those up for annual revalidation are automatically placed in the queue, processed, and validated.

Our goal in offering prescriber validation services is to complement and enhance our users' crm experience with our products iPoint Mobile for iPad and our web based tool, the Hub. Most importantly for our customers, our prescriber validation system is integrated with our sfa, eliminating the need for a third party vendor.

Next, as part of our prescriber validation service for sfa customers, we provide at no extra cost, call file prescriber data integrity services. By this we mean that we use our data warehouse which includes data from NPI, DEA, AMA, and State License Boards to optimize your call file to eliminate common stale data issues with the typical sfa, including duplicate doctors with calls split between the duplicates, stale addresses, and unidentified prescribers.

With integrated prescriber validation, we remove the expense, headache and time-consuming efforts typically involved with sending a file to another vendor for processing and then having to process that file back into the sfa database.

The Hub. One Source. More for Less.

Why Choose POP?

  • Operational Simplicity
  • Technical Leverage
  • One Source CRM and Prescriber Validation
  • Get More for Less using SaaS
  • Leverage with us by deploying in the Cloud